Bernd Ziegler

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Vivi, vivi adesso! (150x270 cm)

Caspar David Friedrich
Chalk Cliff


René Magritte
"Ce n'est pas un chapeau"


Went for a sail
Beneath a sky woven with silken whispers, I went for a sail on the mirror of dreams.
The boat, a whispering ghost, danced upon liquid twilight,
gliding through constellations adrift in the sea's embrace.
With every ripple, time's fabric wavered, and the world breathed in colors never seen.
The horizon melted into a symphony of echoes, where reality dissolved and imagination took flight.

Precaution personified
A Man with a Helmet

Under the gaze of a blazing noon sun, a man with a helmet stood as a sentinel against the unseen.
The helmet, an iron guardian, cradled his thoughts and shielded his resolve.
His stance, unwavering, spoke of battles fought within and without, where every clang of steel was a testament to resilience.
In his reflection, a world mirrored safety and strength, a silent promise that he would brave the storm.
In the theater of life's tempestuous play,
Precaution's vigilant presence turned chaos into a harmonious ballet.

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AI Art by Bernd Ziegler (2024)
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